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"We Love Our World. And Believe We All Have To Do Our Bit!"


We love the world that we all live in but it's important that we all do what we can to make sure the world's resources are looked after and not unnecessarily wasted.

So here at Grieve & Wife we do all we can to make sure that we do all we can to help out. That includes solar panels on our roof - project underway - recycling as much as we can, using an electric vehicle and our plant a tree scheme.

Solar Panels - Grieve & Wife


At our offices here at Whitehall Industrial Estate, plans are underway to install our own solar panels on our roof.

By harnessing the power of the sun and using a free energy source we are minising our use of fossil fuels as well as saving on our costs.


All of the waste material we have in the form of waste product from our customers and offcuts from our installations is managed by our waste partner, Harvey Waste Management.

Wherever we can re-use something we will always do so. But of the material that goes to Harvey Waste Management anything that can be recycled goes through that recycling process. Then all other general waste goes into the Energy From Waste programme.

Visit the Harvey Waste website
Recycling - Grieve & Wife
Electric Van - Grieve & Wife

Electric Van

In late 2023 we invested in a Volkswagen ID Buss electric van for all of our local work and quotations. We all know that it is the local, round town trips that guzzles the fuel so this helps the environment as well as our costs.

Initially we trialled the van, found that we liked it and that it saved money and energy. We plan to add more to the fleet over the coming years.

Plant a Tree

For a number of years now, we have taken part in an initiation locally here in Broadstairs. For every roof that we install, we plant a tree.

The plantings take place in Holmes Park, Broadstairs which is just on the left hand side as you go west along Knights Avenue from the Stone Road end.

Plant a Tree - Grieve & Wife
Green Roofing - Grieve & Wife

Green Roofing

New for 2024 is our Green Roofing arm of the business and green roofs have long been known to have a positive effect on our environment.

Green roofs regulate indoor temperature, saves energy and encourages biodiversity as well as providing a rainwater layer which helps to purify air.

As well as that, there is also anecdotal evidence in this relatively new industry that green roofs improves people's outlook especially in town areas.

Pitched Roofs - Grieve & Wife

Kicking Off Your project

Once you have got in touch with us, we will come out and see you to understand your requirements and then give you a free, no obligation quotation.

If you are happy with your quotation, we can schedule your project in. Any projects that are over £5000, we ask you for a 20% deposit which is payable by BACS or cheque.

We will then send you an invoice for the balance on completion of the project.