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Green Roofing

Grieve & Wife have partnered with SIG Design & Technology and EGR to provide reliable and sustainable roof system solutions that can transform both new and refurbished projects. A green roof is a living system that cannot be treated as a typical building or roofing product. Getting it right is a science.

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Green Roofing - Grieve & Wife

Green Roof Benefits

Water quality

Water is cleaned when passing through a green roof system and has the potential to remove pollutants and particles.

Stormwater run-off

Green roofs have an important part to play in the urban environment as they can store water during heavy precipitation, relieving some of the strain put on city drainage systems.

Habitat for rare wildlife

Green roofs provide a stepping stone for many rare birds endangered by the lack of suitable habitats. They also provide a home for many rare insects, beetles, spiders and plant species.

Energy Efficiency

Research has suggested that both air conditioning in summer months and heating in winter could be reduced when utilizing a green roof solution, combined with a reduction of urban heat island effect; greened cities could see lowered electrical demand.

Thermal Properties

Investigations into thermal properties of green roofs have revealed that plants themselves significantly reduce air temperature both inside the building and in the immediate environment.

Roof life Span

Studies have proven that a green roof can increase a roof’s lifespan by up to 3 years as it protects the waterproofing element underneath the system from extreme weather conditions, such as frost, ice and UV rays.

Planning Permission

Green roof factored into a building’s design can help achieve planning permission through Government and Local Council initiatives such as the London Plan. If a green roof is to be utilized on an existing building then planning permission for this solution is often rarely needed.

Air Quality

Vegetation on green roofs reduce polluting ir particles, this is achieved as plants absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. It has been suggested it can assist in the removal of heavy metal and volatile organic compounds. The deposition of the Substrate in which the vegetation is grown can also support this absorption.

Sound Insulation

Research shows that 20-100mm dry growing medium could achieve an extra SPL (Sound Pressure Level) attenuation of 10-40dB, depending on frequency.

Green Roofing - Grieve & Wife
Green Roofing - Grieve & Wife
Green Roofing - Grieve & Wife
Green Roofing - Grieve & Wife
Green Roofing - Grieve & Wife

Sedum Roofs

EGR’s sedum roof systems have been designed with a minimum of eight sedum species per metre and grown for over twelve months to ensure the plant roots are well esteblished and robust enough for roof level. Providing sedum systems in blanket, plus plant, cuttings and seeded options.

Green Roof Systems

Drainage Layers

Drainage layers have the vital job of filtering water in a manner that means plant growth isn’t uncontrollable yet the vegetation has consistent access to water. A well designed and installed drainage layer will slowly drain the water away from the substrate, reducing the risk of too much weight and stagnant water.

Filter Layers

Filter layers are very important in a Green Roof System. They hold nutrients and fines within the system and stop them from being washed away by the rain. The filter layer is made from a strong yet flexible polymer that is robust enough to protect against the elements yet can be moulded to fit into any design a Green Roof.

Green Roofing - Grieve & Wife
Green Roofing - Grieve & Wife
Green Roofing - Grieve & Wife

Growing Media

The growing media is an integral component of a Green Roof. Fundamentally it must contain low levels of nutrients to keep the plants easy-to-maintain, hold a certain level of water yet be free-draining to prevent root rotting, and have a granular texture to keep the plant roots well aerated (vital for plant health).

Vegetation Layer

The vegetation layer of a green roof provides nature and life with a home best suited to its needs.

Green Roofs can have a variety of planting options. We supply many different vegetation layers ranging from fully established blankets (wildflowers or grasses) that roll out like turf, to plug plants, seeds and cuttings.

The location and environment of the roof are paramount in considering the type of materials selected, taking sunlight, wind, regional considerations (such as coastal environments) and natural flora into account.

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Kicking Off Your project

Once you have got in touch with us, we will come out and see you to understand your requirements and then give you a free, no obligation quotation.

If you are happy with your quotation, we can schedule your project in. Any projects that are over £5000, we ask you for a 20% deposit which is payable by BACS or cheque.

We will then send you an invoice for the balance on completion of the project.